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World Trade Center 2 Demolition Images

World Trade Center 1 Demolition Images

World Trade Center Disaster Site Images

World Trade Center Building Cores

World Trade Center Molten Metal Videos

Explosion Sounds At The World Trade Center

World Trade Center Demolition Acceleration

Video Analysis:

Raw Images and Video:

Stabelized Footage:

High Quality News Footage Compilation (3.5GB): (right click and select "save link as")

this is a slightly cleaned up edition of the [Old Versions Of Pretext original]

World Trade Center 1 Demolition Footage:

WTC1 (North Tower) Exploded at 10:28am 09-11-01

World Trade Center 2 Demolition Footage

WTC2 (South Tower) Exploded at 9:59am 09-11-01

254 09/11/01 News Clips:

Movie: Between the Lies (2009) - full length film:

Uncut unedited raw 9/11/01 satellite feed WTC collapse video:

Source File:

WTC2 (South Tower) Demolition Compilation:

Full Resolution Copy:

Demolition - south.avi Demolition - south.avi

Demolition - northeast 3.avi Demolition - northeast 3.avi

molten metal & base smoke.avi molten metal & base smoke.avi

Demolition - southeast.avi Demolition - southeast.avi

Demolition - northeast 2.avi Demolition - northeast 2.avi

Linked here:

and here:





Sources, PBS "Center of the World", NBC 9/11 or 9/12, History Channel's "American Vesuvius"

Etienne Sauret video:



On the NW Corner, you can see that in Alfie Alvarado video from "102 Minutes that changed America"

Or Luigi Cazzaniga video from his now defunct website

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