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Prevent the internet from being censored.

Expand access to the internet.

Prevent centralization in general.

Find someone that is doing work that you appreciate and support them financially.


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Big shout out to Nate Flach (Xenomorph911) who is responsible for much of the video available here.

Investigate Waste, Fraud, Abuse at NIST:

Call Into Radio Stations:

1. People respond better and are more open to information if they feel they have discovered it, as opposed to to information that they were wrong about something.

2. Don't separate yourself from the people your trying to convince.

3. Conversations get further than arguments.

4. Listen to the other person, do not talk over or 'at' them.

5. Don't hesitate to admit that you don't know something.

6. Better to talk about points of mutual agreement first, and slowly push the edge, rather than declare that "now we will discuss what we do not agree on".

7. Defining the "opponents" positions beforehand is counter-productive, and generally only serves to make sure they are "proven wrong" in the end. When our central thesis is that people are un-informed, there's no point in making someone scribe in stone "I believe the official story" before starting a discussion about it.

8. Be polite, respectful, professional, never condescending.

9. When the conversation goes south, don't degrade with it.... realize this is a defense tactic and what you were doing isn't working. Or you are wrong and need to consider the counter points. Don't keep pressing, move on. Other information will, in time, come from other sources to the person.

10. Don't speculate.

Contact Office of Inspector General

File Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for all relevant data.


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