Reports of a 3rd Incoming Jet

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When we were in the north tower, just before we left, there was a report of a third plane coming in from the Port Authority. I don't know if anybody knew whether to take that seriously or if it was true or not. But I heard Chief Callan telling guys to come down, to get out of the building.

Q. You heard him, or it on the radio?

A. No, I heard him say it. l was standing right there next to him. He told people to come down, to get out of the building. He wanted all personnel out of the building. I don't know if he was communicating that to the second tower or to both or to the people in the building, but I did hear him say that.

Q. This is when the command post was still in the north tower?

A. Still in the north tower. A lot of the marble in the lobby was falling off the walls, big slabs of marble were falling down. From the impact, I guess. The lobby didn't look too good. The integrity of the elevators - I started to think about the elevators. They had either blown out, cut off or could possibly have the cars coming down. The lobby was becoming an untenable place, especially if we wanted to continue operations. -Tom Fitzpatrick FDNY Deputy Commissioner for Administration

Is that -- we were on the 23rd Floor. There were guys in suits up there on the 23rd Floor. Guys were telling me there were -- the CIA's got offices on the 23rd Floor. I don't know who, but it could have been building super. They had a lot of information, these guys were giving us. They had told us that the Pentagon was hit. This was while we were sitting on the 23rd Floor. The Pentagon is hit. They hit another place in Washington. They shot a plane down, and as we were on the 23rd Floor taking a break, they telling us, fellows, we just got a report of a third plane headed this way, so when the building shook, like that, I figured we got hit with another plane, but we found out later that was the first building, Tower 2. -Firefighter Peter Fallucca FDNY Engine 16

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