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Title Tonsvis af sprængstof
Publication Date 2001/09/12
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Authors Henrik Lorentsen
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Tons of explosives

By: Henrik Lorentsen

12. September 2001 - kl. 12:00 - Updated: 23. September 2012 - pm. 16:49

These were some of the biggest bombs that exploded inside the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York yesterday. "I would guess that there had to be up against a højekslosivt tonnes of explosives to," said the Danish explosives expert Bent Lund, who live by blowing up mountains and ancient buildings in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

"Usually, when we blow up buildings, it happens with small charges throughout the building. Here we are talking about large concentrated loads same place - when they make such a big blasting everything becomes torn away, and the building will collapse. The American buildings are built with steel beams, they are not built as Danish towers of concrete. This means that when you hit into a building with a plane so warms the gasoline steel beams up so they become elastic. Moreover explosive force that brings it all to collapse. It is terrible, "says Bent Lund.

Based on the television images believes Bent Lund, there have been more explosives in the building than what was on board the aircraft.

"I wonder if there has been a charge under the building, but I can not say it. It is as if the buildings collapsing from scratch. Normally I would say that the building should just twist the top, but it crashes completely together, "says Bent Lund.

The terrorist action came yesterday on the back of everyone - including the former ranger Carsten Morch.

"I never imagined that we would see as much an act of terrorism. Usually we see the actions in the Middle East where a man has all the gunpowder on themselves. In this action it is both people and fight powerful elements in the form of aircraft, entering with. The organizations that go beyond what else we can imagine behind, "says Carsten Morch.

As a former elite soldier, he knows all about the planning of military operations. Yesterday's actions in America is however completely outside the normal.

"It takes a great good planning - it's not just something you just do. It really needs to be coordinated, if you need to fly into almost the same goal at the same time. It must be clear trained soldiers, but it must also combs to them, because it is indeed suicide missions, "said Carsten Morch.

Despite the large planning work, we mean the former elite soldier that there need be very many people behind.

"I do not think there need to be very many people to plan it, but there must be a good sub-networks to get everything to work. It is the largest terrorist attack ever - it's incredibly violent, "says Carsten Morch.

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