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Title Images of the World Trade Center Site Show Thermal Hot Spots on September 16 and 23, 2001
Publication Date 2001/11/02
Exact Publication Date Unknown
Publication Number Open File Report 01-0405
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Authors Roger N. Clark, Robert O. Green, Gregg A. Swayze, Todd M. Hoefen, K. Eric Livo, Betina Pavi, Chuck Sarcher, Joe Boardman, J. Sam Vance
Number of Pages 3
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Company or Agency U.S. Geological Survey
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Abstract This report presents results of Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) remote sensing data and interpretations that map the distribution and intensity of thermal hot spots in the area in and around the World Trade Center on September 16 and 23, 2001. Data collected on the 16th were processed, interprested and release to emergency response teams on the 18th of September, 2001. The September 23 data were processed, interpreted and the results released on October 12, 2001. The images of the World Trade Center site show significant thermal hot spots on Sept. 16, 2001. By Sept. 23, 2001, most of the hot spots had cooled or the fires had been put out.
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AuthorsRoger N. Clark +, Robert O. Green +, Gregg A. Swayze +, Todd M. Hoefen +, K. Eric Livo +, Betina Pavi +, Chuck Sarcher +, Joe Boardman + and J. Sam Vance +
Company or AgencyU.S. Geological Survey +
Number of Pages3 +
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Publication Date2 November 2001 +
Publication NumberOpen File Report 01-0405 +
TitleImages of the World Trade Center Site Show Thermal Hot Spots on September 16 and 23, 2001 +
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