March 6th 2002 Hearing Committee On Science US House Of Represenatives

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Destruction of Evidence

May 1st 2002 Hearing Committee On Science US House Of Represenatives

Dr. CORLEY. The agreements were signed very early. (see at mark 2:23:30)

Page 192:

Mr. Weiner: We just heard testimony that the city was the opposite of cooperative. That they had refused to provide basic information.

And the issue isn't when members of the panel signed a document agreeing not to sue, it is where you get off agreeing not to testify. You are public officials gathering information for the public. You don't own it. You don't have the ability to say I won't use it here. I will use it there. You will use it wherever we say you will use it. If you come before us after looking at these blueprints and you decide that the Port Authority was at fault, and you raise your right hand because the Chairman asks you to, you are going to tell us, I don't care what you sign.

The idea that and this is a government agency, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. It is not a foreign planet. It is not a private company. These arethis is an organization that is funded with our taxpayer dollars, with our fees when we fly in and out of airports. The idea that they should demand that whatever information is collected should not be held against them, well, that is not, to me, being cooperative.

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