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Mediawiki Technical Help

  • Make all citations real mediawiki citations:
  • Add citations for every image. Locate original sources and SHA1's.
  • Convert all manual citations like: [[http://www.fema.gov/pdf/library/fema403_apc.pdf|fema.gov]] to publication citations via the form:
and correct the citation to use the {{Publication Citation Template|Publication:NUMBER}}
  • If something linked to here is available at 911datasets.org, post a link to it's page.
  • Wikify any broken data tables from software transition
  • Find and remove italics where they are inapproprate (just about everywhere, it's a error introduced by converting from the old software)
  • Format pages more consistently (templates)
  • Any dead links, first search for a archive (try archive.org), if unable to find, email me. Do not remove dead links, add a (broken as of DATE) note next to them, and email me a note about it.
  • formalize this page, make it less confusing
  • Add note to the mediawiki change summary when editing a page

Help that is not welcome:

  • Adding text that you wrote to this wiki. This is for sourced information only (minus the few pages that I have added my thoughts to). Do not wrap the sourced information in explanatory text. If you have something you want to write, publish a paper or a blog post somewhere, and then contact me (jkeogh) to have it linked to here. To say this another way, only text that exists in the documents/images/videos linked to from this wiki can be added to the wiki. This includes video transcripts or excerpts.

If you would like to help make this a better resource, and agree to the guidelines, please send a message to 911encyclopedia.com underscore help at v six y.net. (thats the number 6, not the word six)


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